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Faro and the Rally

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Faro Rally (Day one - Thursday)

Main entrance pic

So after a leisurely morning including a lovely breakfast on the sixth floor of the hotel, with a view over the harbour and watching the jets go by, no doubt with a few rally heads on board some of them, we head to the rally site which is near the airport (ATGATT) and the amount of bikes is something else, no fear of getting lost anyway, as we get closer there is a big police presence with Moto Club de Faro members along side, we are directed of the road to the entrance of the check-in section, we park the bikes and head in, €40 entry for a four day rally, including a bandana, t-shirt, badge, pins, stickers, two tickets for a draw, one for a new Kwack, and the other a week in Daytona Bike Week in Florida and some condoms thrown in for good measure – very hard to beat that, as we head into the rally site for a look around, it’s easy to see this is a well run operation, and everything has been thought about and planed for. I’m bump into a few Irish lads who had flown in earlier and they were already on the beer, they reckon the crowd doesn’t really kick in till tomorrow (Friday), so after a look around the stalls we head back to the hotel and park the bikes up! The rally bus which takes people from Faro to the rally site and back for the duration of the rally, and free of charge to boot, stops outside the hotel, now how handy is that - which was a fluke, I didn’t realise that when booking the hotel anyway we get on the bus and head back down for the night.

Sunset pic

Earlier we had bought tickets at one of many places where they are available around the rally site, as no cash changes hands at the bars, which speeds things up, and I never seen a queue at any of the bars over the whole weekend. Tickets are bought at face value each worth 90c, you can buy any quantity you want but the book of 50 was the handiest for me anyway, and at 1.80 a pint (2 tickets) sure how could you go wrong. It’s not long before we bump into some of the group, and they are in party mode, we move over to the oasis bar, which is on the far side of the site which we seemed to spend most of our time at, always great music either bands or DJ and the busiest place tonight, the place was buzzing, while we were there, a Spanish group started banging out tunes which had the place alive and the strange thing was, they played Irish music but the crowd where loving it, in fairness it was Irish music on steroids but still Irish music, a great night was had, not sure what time I called it a night but I do recall people still on the way in at that stage...

Faro Rally Day 2 (Friday)

Jets arriving to Faro pic

So another day dawns, not that I seen it, needless to say another glorious day and a dip in the pool is just what the doctor ordered, and my God was that water cold, the senses didn’t know what was going on, but doesn’t take too long to heat back up again in this weather, the pool was on the roof and the views across the harbour and the coast was a picture postcard. We spend the day lazing around looking at the constant flow of bikes which is endless all day and night, we also dropping out to the villa where most of the group have taken up residents for the duration, we are given directions which I think are a bit vague but surprisingly we find the place with ease but the heat is something else, a combination of the sun and the heat of the bike is draining but thankfully the villa has a pool and it’s not long before I’m in chilling. Some great craic with the crew, funniest fookers I’ve even meet, all mad bastards. We get back to the hotel.Beer time pic Today is the day that most people arrive as the Portuguese and Spanish get out of work, which make up the majority of rally goers and the difference between last night and today was like night and day. As we get close to the rally site again, it comes apparent that this is a family evening out for lots, but not too go to the rally but to gather near the rally entrance and watch the bikes go in and out, with cameras flashing everywhere – all adds to the buzz of the event and needless to say more pints where had, and while the crowd has probably doubled the bars are so efficient there’s no queues and even getting something to eat is a relatively easy affair with all kinds of options available to all. Most of the group have gathered yet again at the Oasis bar which has us all rocking to the early hour.

Faro Rally Day 3 (Saturday)

Burkie enjoying something pic

I think I’m alive but not sure as I awake to the sound of bikes outside, but today is the day when the whole group have planned to meet at the rally this evening as this is the last night, but that’s awhile away yet. Spend the day doing little or nothing, walking around looking at all the bikes parked around, and chatting to people from all over the place, one of the most unusual bikes I’ve seen is a Victory, mad looking yoke, not my cup of tea but definitely different, looks like a futuristic Goldwing of some description, there’s also lots of Harley's around too and the odd MV Augusta thrown in for good measure. It’s easy to kill time with the amount of bikes to look and drool at, as the day starts to cool a little, it’s time we hit the rally again for more fun and frolics, when we get there the place is really buzzing and the atmosphere is electric, after a look around we head to the Oasis bar yet again, and the place is rocking,Party time pic and it’s not long before we’re dancing on the tables and having the craic. With the whole group back together, we had some night of banter and craic, non-stop entertainment from start to finish, some great interaction with some of the locals, I think they taught we where all mad, maybe their right but since it's our last real night in Faro, I think everyone made the most of it. I'll let the photos talk for themselves ;-)

Faro Rally Day 4 (Sunday)

Nice bike pic

After all the planning and getting here, I can’t or don’t want this to be the last day, but that’s the way it is, with some effort I get up and head back to the rally, to pick up the last few bits for presents etc. We arrive at the main stage just as the awards are being handed out, best this, best that etc, The Back Street Heroes get an award for having 99 in there group but no one around to take the award which I say was slightly embarrassing for the organisers, and then there were two draws one for a Kawasaki and a trip to Daytona Bike Week. The way the draw seems to work, they call out a ticket number and you have a countdown by the crowd to get to the stage, and if you’re not there you can’t win, however both prizes claimed, one Spanish, one Portuguese. After that it was back to the hotel and start to pack for the trip home. Bit of a downer after all the effort to get here anyway got it done and out for some dinner and a pint or two as we are up early tomorrow for the start of the run back, and while the rally was over, we still had five days of riding to do first so it not all bad.

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